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The Material Innovation Initiative exists to make the sustainable option, the easy option. 


We believe that markets and technology have the power to transform the materials industry and solve the enormous environmental challenges it faces. We fast-track this process by accelerating the development of next-gen materials that are high-performance, animal-free, and more sustainable for the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries. Our team works to advance this next-gen materials industry by providing vital expertise and bringing together all key players along the path from concept to commercialization.

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At MII, we envision a world where the materials we interact with everyday, from our shoes to our car seats, are produced in a way that allows animals, the planet, and future generations to thrive. We aren't the only ones. Consumers and companies alike are searching for sustainable solutions that are functional, fashionable, and cost-effective. 


Enter the inaugural Material Innovation Conference, a 2-day virtual summit focused on accelerating the development and adoption of next-gen materials that can outcompete their animal-derived counterparts, not only in terms of sustainability and ethics, but also performance, price, and aesthetic. 


With 38 of the 40 leading fashion brands actively searching for next-gen materials and many brands already taking an active role in promoting R&D, from exciting collaborations such as Lululemon, Kering, Adidas, and Stella McCartney partnering with Bolt Threads, and Ralph Lauren and Allbirds investing in Natural Fiber Welding, it truly is an exciting time to be part of this growing industry. And with $1.29 billion invested between 2015 and May, 2021, now is the time to come together as a community to collaborate, share expertise and build meaningful partnerships. 

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“If there’s anything I’ve learned from my time working with disruptive technologies, it’s that a rising tide lifts all boats,” - Nicole Rawling, MII’s co-founder and CEO.
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And in the next-gen materials industry, the tide is indeed rising.

The Material Innovation Conference​ will support the growth of the market for next-gen materials by bringing together an industry ecosystem of retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, academia, business incubators, raw material suppliers, mills, and nonprofits to explore key opportunities and challenges in the development, manufacturing, commercialization, business & supply chain integration and communication of next-gen materials.

Who You Will Meet
  • Next-Gen Material Companies

  • Fashion, Automotive & Home Goods Brands

  • Academics & Material Scientists

  • Investors

  • Multinational Material Companies

  • Component Suppliers

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