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Next-gen materials can’t become mainstream without the support and adoption of global brands. Learn about our work with the world’s top brands, meet our Chief Brand Officer and Fashion Specialist, and explore recent reports.

Bringing Next-Gen to the Global Brands

Expanding the next-gen material ecosystem requires existing corporations’ engagement and adoption.

MII’s Brand Engagement Department serves as the leading resource for global brands to get insights into current and expected trends and technologies in the materials industry. We introduce these brands to next-gen material companies for partnership, sourcing, and investment.

MII’s brand partnerships offer specialized insight into the development of the next-gen materials industry. This can involve industry and technology overviews, positioning advice and marketing support, access to our science and innovation experts, and specialized sourcing advice and introductions to next-gen material companies.  

“Currently there are not a lot of high-quality alternatives to animal materials at scale. The work of the Material Innovation Institute is to enable brands greater accessibility to the alternate materials they need to meet their consumer demands.”


–Kirsty Stevenson, Senior Director, Environmental and Product Sustainability, GAP Inc

Meet Jacqueline Kravette, Chief Brand Officer, and Thomasine Dolan, Fashion Specialist

Jacqueline Kravette has over twenty years of experience in high-level corporate engagement. These roles involved qualifying and analyzing the market and managing relationships with high profile companies. She has been in the top 10% of the global sales team for ten years at OpenTable, the leading online restaurant-reservation service. She spearheaded and oversaw their national program promoting plant-based foods to restaurants. Jacqueline leads MII’s brand engagement program, assisting brands in understanding the next-gen material market, how to work in a nascent industry, and connecting brands and material companies. 

Thomasine Dolan Dow has been in the fashion industry for 25 years. In addition to founding her own line, she worked for Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, and others. She has held various directorial and VP roles across the industry. In addition, she has consulted for both small and large brands and has a broad understanding of the process and the market. Thomasine leads our aesthetic and performance analysis of next-gen materials and assists brands in integrating them into their supply chains.

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Brand Advisory Council

MII’s Advisory Councils include a variety of experts from around the world who advise and assist MII’s Board and staff. Our Brand Advisory Council comprises directors from major global companies; founders and heads of startups; consultants; academics; and experts in everything from sustainability to public relations.

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