The Material Innovation Initiative is not a material supplier or retailer. The companies listed on these innovator landscapes and profiles are for informational purposes only. Please reach out directly to these companies if you are looking to sample or purchase these materials.


The Material Innovation Initiative works with entrepreneurs, scientists, and material companies to develop sustainable and animal-free alternatives to leather, silk, wool, down, fur, and exotic skins. Our landscapes below provide an overview of companies producing animal-free alternatives of these six materials. These landscapes are not intended to be a comprehensive view of market developments. A number of companies and entrepreneurs have asked to remain confidential.


Each company is categorized by the main input (>50%) used to make the material: plant-derived, mycelium, cultivated animal cells, microbe-derived, recycled material, blend.


Not every input is appropriate for every material type. Next-gen silk is unlikely to be made with mycelium, for example. For definitions of these inputs and information on our selection process, please see the link below.

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Main-input landscapes - MII Next-Gen Leather All Inputs.pptx.jpg

Next-gen Mycelium Leather

Next-gen Cultivated Animal Cells Leather

Next-gen Microbe-derived Leather

Next-gen Blend Leather

Main-input landscapes - MII Next-gen Silk.jpg

Updated: Oct. 12/2021

Next-gen Plant-derived Silk

Next-gen Microbe-derived Silk

Main-input landscapes - MII Next-Gen Wool.jpg

Next-gen Plant-derived Wool

Next-gen Recycled Materials Wool

Next-gen Fur - Material Innovation Initiative_.JPG

Next-gen Plant-derived Fur

Next-gen Blend Fur

Next-gen Recycled Material Fur

Main-input landscapes - MII Next-Gen Down.jpg
Main-input landscapes - MII Next-Gen Exotic Skins.jpg

Next-gen Cultivated Animal Cells Exotic Skins