Founded: 2010

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil


Phase: Production


Claudio Rocha and Marisa Ferragutt founded “Simple Textil Design” in 1994, with the aim to idealize the textile market with their expertise in vertical production methodology. In 2004, they began their own fabric production and textile outsourcing. In 2010, they created EcoSimple, filling a gap in the market for an upscale recycled product with distinctive design. The brand is a sustainable concept that uses 100% recycled materials for creating fabrics, patterning, and differentiated structures for fashion, home, and decor. In 2016, they opened their showroom and brand store in São Paulo with updated collections for clients and customers.


EcoSimple produces fabrics solely from renewable materials, primarily made up of worn out clothing, recycled PET plastic bottles, and industrial scraps, using a reverse manufacturing scheme. Their customizable technology allows for the material manufactured to meet the client’s needs. Applications for their fabrics range from home furnishing items, such as carpeting, curtains, and bedding to fashion products, footwear, and accessories. Fabric from EcoSimple has been used as seat covers in the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro and featured in exclusive designs worn during Fashion Week. 


Recycled Material

The process of creating EcoSimple’s material begins with separation of trimmings and discards by color. Because no dyes or chemicals are used in production, color sorting is important to create a consistent appearance. The scraps are shredded into fibers, making the variations of a single color disappear. This fiber is then mixed with the product of recycled PET bottles and spun into a stronger fiber. This stronger fiber then goes to looms in order to form a new material. Products are first created on hand looms, and once approved by clients, manufactured on industrial looms. Any trimmings from production are returned to the original stage for reuse.


EcoSimple produces their material in Santa Catarina, the state known as the top producer of knitwear in Brazil. They employ waste pickers to sort through material scraps from large textile companies, reducing fabric waste. The company states that their workers are fairly paid. 

Eight PET bottles and 480 grams (approximately 1 lb) of textile waste are used to produce each meter of recycled fabric. Brazil produces more than 200,000 tons of PET plastic per year, so the process of recycling this material results in a decrease in the amount of waste.

EcoSimple does not use any type of dye or new chemicals and reduces water use throughout production. 


Material from PET plastic and recycled PET, like the products produced by EcoSimple, has been described as strong, durable, breathable, lightweight, and water resistant. When wet, the material wicks and is warm and remains strong. 


They produce approximately 180,000 pounds (81646 kg) of fabric each month.


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