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Nova Milan
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Costa Rica




Irma Orenstein, Karim Quazzani, Dror Weksler, Mycol Benhamou

About the Company

Founded in 2019, Nova Milan was created with the mission to develop the first full supply chain ecosystem to produce petroleum-free plant-based vegan leather at scale. Based in Costa Rica mainly because of its sustainable approaches, including 20M tons of plant waste fiber per year and 99% of renewable energy from clean sources, Nova Milan boasts its own Innovation Center (NMIC) where brands and companies have the opportunity to explore and innovate with their next-gen plant leather. Costa Rica welcomed Nova Milan and gives key government support from PROCOMMER, the #1 foreign trade promoter in the world, and CINDE, The Investment Promotion Agency of Costa Rica, as well as numerous key officials. The compnay also has offices in Tel Aviv.


Nova Milan uses agricultural waste such as pineapple leaves, coconut, yucca, banana, water hyacinth, and other plants to create nearly petroleum-free plant leather and next-gen materials. In addition, they use these raw materials to create bio-plastics.


Using trade secret processing technologies Nova Milan blends plant fibers with bio-based resin materials to produce a wide range of products to suit market needs. Their supply chain goes from processing the natural plant and production the textile to blending fibers and natural substrates to create nearly petroleum-free next-gen leather materials. The final materials can be custom designed with a variety of texture finish and different thicknesses to suit the application needs.


Fashion, home goods, interior design, and automotive industries.

Selected Brand Partnerships

Nova Milan has collaborated with shoe company Teva Nahot, supplying them with plant leather for their upcoming collection. We are also teaming up with Kornit, which allows for printing on Nova Milan’s plant leather in a sustainable way. The company also has luxury brand partnerships to be announced.

Images: NOAT sandals made with Nova Milan.