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Recycled material




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Stacy Flynn, Christopher Stanev.

About the Company

Evrnu is an advanced materials innovations company focused on developing technologies for the textile industry. The company’s first technology, NyCycl™, addresses these issues by creating a closed-loop system where textile waste can be converted into virgin fiber over and over again.


NuCycl™ is a technology that unlocks value by creating pristine, new fibers from textile waste, providing both performance and environmental advantages. Due to the molecular alignment of the re-polymerized fiber, NuCycl™ can meet the same tenacity performance of virgin synthetics or man-made cellulosic, even after being recycled multiple times. As a lyocell fiber capable of both staple and continuous filament yarns, NuCycl™ may also offer replacement for silk fibers (the only naturally occurring continuous filament fiber). Due to the fact that NyCycl™ is made from 100% textile waste which is also recyclable, there are significant environmental benefits vs virgin fiber in water usage, CO2 emissions, methane emissions, and land use.


NyCycl™ is a closed-loop system where textile waste is converted into new fiber again. Further, the performance characteristics (e.g. softness, fiber strength, durability, luster, etc.) may meet the properties of a variety of virgin fibers including both natural and synthetic fibers. The process entails:
1. A QR code on the finished goods identifies to the consumer that the goods are "regenerative". It also contains information on the product components (e.g. fiber composition) to aid in the recycling/disassembly process.
2. The company’s supply chain partners collect the textile waste which becomes the input to their process.
3. Textile waste is sorted, shredded, and purified.
4. The purified textile waste is liquified into a cellulosic pulp.
5. This pulp is extruded into a fiber, twisted into yarn, and then either woven or knitted into fabric.


Fashion, Footwear, Home Goods, Interiors, Automotive.

Selected Brand Partnerships

Adidas, Levi’s, Stella McCartney, Carlos Campos.

Adidas Stella McCartney Hoodie made with NuCycl™.

Adidas Stella McCartney Hoodie made with NuCycl™.

Carlos Campos T-Shirt made with NuCycl™.

Carlos Campos T-Shirt made with NuCycl™.