Project Coordinator

Terms of employment: Full-time, exempt

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Remote; with a preference for the United States 

Benefits: Working from home, flexible working hours, medical insurance reimbursement, flexible holiday and vacation plans, respectful managers, and supportive colleagues.

Salary: $50,000-$60,000 in the U.S., dependent on experience. Salary will be adjusted for international locations. Additional compensation may be provided for high cost of living locations.

About Us

We are a small team of dedicated professionals who are accelerating the development of high performance, animal-free, and more sustainable materials for the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries. We are a fully remote team with employees and contractors across multiple states and countries. We are also a family friendly organization and offer flexible schedules and significant autonomy.


Position Description

The Project Coordinator is responsible for keeping projects organized in our project management software (currently MII is using Asana); ensuring effective internal communications on projects through internal communications channels (currently MII is using Slack); ensuring the organization is using the right project management and internal communications software to meet its needs; ensuring the staff are trained in the software and using it correctly; and tracking the organization’s predetermined metrics.  The Project Coordinator is also tasked with communicating with MII stakeholders about the state of the project and facilitating adjustments as necessary to meet new requirements. Note that this position does not oversee the budget for any project and does not require someone with budget management or finance experience. 


Evaluating software and ensuring proper use

  • Ensuring the organization is using the most effective project management software, internal communications software, and client management software for the team’s needs by initially facilitating discussion around the goals for each type of software, researching software options, and presenting the team with a proposal laying out the recommendation, top options, and their positives and negatives. Occasionally reevaluate whether new software might better serve the team’s needs. 

  • Ensuring the team knows how to use the project management software, internal communications software, and client management software by drafting SOPs and training the team. 

  • Ensuring the team is following the project management software, internal communications software, and client management software SOPs.

Client management software

  • Occasionally (approx. once a quarter) run reports in client management software (MII is currently using Copper) to check that all entries contain the minimum required information including name, company, email, title, company classification, person classification, and type of material and do not contain duplicates. De-dupe any duplicates. 

  • Discuss missing data with client relationship managers to determine if we need to fill in the holes and then conduct research to fill in those gaps. 

  • Work with client relationship managers for each category to ensure we are collecting all relevant information for each individual. 

  • Serve as liaison with client management software company and serve as problem solver for the team for any software related issues. 

  • Copper automatically pulls in contact information from team emails and calendar appointments but in some cases, we may have lists of contacts which need to be uploaded into the Copper system, such as event attendees. The project coordinator is responsible for ensuring all of the necessary information is on these lists and uploading the contacts into Copper in a timely manner.

Project coordination 

  • Ensure all major* cross-departmental projects including, but not exclusively, reports, events, and major fundraising campaigns and events are in project management software by facilitating team discussion and decision-making on tasks, assignments, and deadlines and then personally adding projects into project management software. Ensure project documents are linked in project management software. 

  • Create report templates, file in the Drive, and use them to create the draft for each report. 

  • If requested by the project lead, create other major project document templates at the direction of the project lead, save them in the Google Drive, and use these templates to create the project documents. 

  • Encourage the team to add other projects into Asana. 

  • Schedule and facilitate team meetings around each project including kick-off planning meetings, check-in meetings, and post-mortems.   

  • During project check-in meetings, run through project deliverables and timeline, and if anything is off track, discuss any potential needed changes to the tasks, assignments, or deadlines, and facilitate discussion on how to change the project to accomodate any needed changes. Update project tasks, assignments, and deadlines in Asana. Understand how these changes may affect other projects and ensure those affected by changes are kept in the loop.

  • Create templates in project management software for repeat projects. Update templates after the completion of the project including any feedback from the post-mortem. Review any changes and recommendations from the post-mortem with the project team during the next project kick-off meeting. 

  • Re-examine and adjust processes and procedures for future projects in line with feedback from project post-mortems to make projects more efficient and update the team to process changes.


Metrics tracking

  • Facilitate discussions with the leadership team over which metrics we should track including, but not limited to, report downloads, website visits, media coverage, number of audience members served (including material companies, investors, brands, and scientists), social media following and engagement, newsletter subscriptions, and conference attendees. Each department head has the final decision on which metrics are necessary to track for their work. 

  • Once the list of metrics to track is complete, develop a tracking system for all major MII metrics. 

  • Update metrics tracking documents. 

  • Serve as the point person on the MII team as the person most knowledgeable about the MII metrics and answer team questions around metrics. This includes assisting the development department in answering questions on our metrics for grants and certifications.


Feedback tracking

  • Facilitate external stakeholder feedback surveys on our reports, services, and events by working with the MII team lead to craft the survey, send the survey to the relevant external stakeholders, compile the feedback in a easily understood and digestible format, share the feedback with the MII team, and save the feedback in a way that is easily used for marketing purposes and project improvement. 

  • When we receive unsolicited feedback from MII stakeholders, the team will send the feedback to the project coordinator who will add it to the relevant feedback tracking document. 

  • Request permission from stakeholders to quote them on the feedback. If necessary, work with stakeholders to gather company logos or headshots for MII use when quoting feedback.


  • Checking, responding to, and/or forwarding MII info@ email account.

  • Take notes during team meetings.


*Major projects include: 

  • All public-facing reports including but not limited to brand engagement report, state of the industry report, white space report, annual report, “What Makes x, x?” reports, and environmental data reports.

  • All major fundraising events including Giving Tuesday, EOY fundraising, and summer campaign.

  • All conference or in-person events including annual conference, staff retreats, and smaller events around the conference or geared towards fundraising (e.g. conference happy hour events in LA, NY, and London).

The person in this position must have:


  • Proven experience in project coordination.

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail.

  • An understanding of how the pieces of a project fit together and how any changes, alterations, additions or similar affects the rest of the project and other projects based on team’s availability.

  • Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices.

  • Experience coordinating communications and marketing campaigns is required.

  • Relevant certification or degree is a plus.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. 

  • Strong support for MII’s philosophy and mission.

  • Experience with remote staff is a strong plus. 

  • Experience working with Slack, Copper, and/or Asana is a plus.

  • Excellent written and verbal skills.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Suite and/or G-Suite and willingness to work within G-Suite.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate appropriately with a culturally diverse group of volunteers, colleagues, and external stakeholders.

  • An organized multitasker with attention to detail.

  • Understands and appreciates MII’s Values, Ethics, Norms, and Code of Conduct and is able to operate with these in mind.

How to Apply: Send a cover letter and resume to


Deadline: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis but we are looking to have someone in this position asap. 


Material Innovation Institute (dba Material Innovation Initiative) will consider all qualified candidates without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status, military discharge status, age, marital status, parental status, or source of income.