Science and Technology

Revolutionary science and technology is the foundation of next-gen material innovation. Learn about our SciTech team’s work to accelerate research and facilitate understanding, meet our Chief Science Officer, and explore recent reports.

Developing New Insights and Resources

Our Science and Technology team accelerates next-gen materials by sharing scientific insights, sparking innovation, and creating connections. 

We are fostering a network of researchers across next-gen materials and related fields to help cross-pollinate ideas and bring new talent into the sector. We identify critical, untapped research opportunities to direct scientific exploration to the areas of greatest impact.

Our experts provide open-access scientific insights and research to stimulate new startups and inform investments. We offer scientific guidance to industry partners, facilitating adoption of the right next-gen materials for their needs. In collaboration with MII’s other teams, our scientific experts help connect the start-up world with global brands and other stakeholders.

How to Work With Us

Whether you are a scientist, innovator, brand, investor, or other next-gen industry stakeholder, MII’s SciTech department is here to help with understanding the core materials science and sustainability elements of emerging and existing next-gen material technology. Our SciTech team participates in conferences, podcasts, seminars, and other events to broadly disseminate the game-changing scientific advancements of next-gen materials. Alongside the Innovation department, we track the latest innovation emerging from next-gen material suppliers, keeping tabs on the latest technological trends, and categories of material innovation (see our Innovator Profiles). Our publicly available reports and web content offer insight into the scientific foundation of next-gen materials design, and the opportunities and challenges in creating the new material bioeconomy. 


For detailed analysis on the science of next-gen materials and key technical focus areas in the industry, read our reports such as What Makes Silk, Silk and White Space Analysis. For formulation and manufacturing resources for next-gen innovators such as novel coatings, fibers, additives, and contract manufacturing hubs, please check out our Disruptive Textile Innovation Resources


In addition to these publicly available resources, the SciTech department provides limited, free technical consulting to next-gen companies working on sustainable alternatives to leather, silk, wool, down, fur, and exotic skins. Here we can assist with formulation development, troubleshooting, and connections to key resources and services. Our Fashion Design Specialist, a member of our Brand Engagement team, can provide swatch and sample review from the eyes of a seasoned designer. We also provide individualized support for other core stakeholders such as high-level scientific primers and perspectives, networking with scientists and innovators, assistance with technical due diligence, and help navigating the next-gen material landscapes. 

For more information, please fill out the inquiry form here and note your interest in the services of the SciTech department. 


Our SciTech department also aims to build the future workforce of the next-gen materials industry. We are looking for connections with experienced, mission-aligned scientists across academia, industry, and government research institutions, to foster new research, advise the industry, staff current next-gen companies, and create new start-ups. Please reach out to us to learn more here.

Our Environmental Data Scientist, coming on board in 2022, will focus on state-of-the-art research and methodologies surrounding the environmental impact of next-gen materials. This core team member will provide public environmental impact data and reports for the next-gen ecosystem, and limited LCA services for innovators, as a part of a consortium of stakeholders in the industry. Stay tuned for more on this effort via our newsletter.

Meet Dr. Sydney Gladman, Chief Scientific Officer

MII’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sydney Gladman, Ph.D. is a materials scientist passionate about sustainability. She did her doctoral work in Materials Science & Engineering at Harvard University, where she authored seminal publications on bioinspired 4D printing and bioprinting of living cells. Both papers have been cited over a thousand times and sparked popular press. As a technical consultant at the global consulting firm Exponent, Inc., Dr. Gladman assisted a wide variety of clients with scientific & engineering challenges associated with materials selection and characterization, product development, and failure analysis. She is also an expert in intellectual property in the fields of polymers, composites, biomaterials, and textiles. Sydney is MII’s leading expert in next-gen material science. 


Scientific Advisory Council

MII’s Advisory Councils include a variety of experts from around the world who advise and assist MII’s Board and staff. Our Scientific Advisory Council comprises professors; founders, directors, and partners at research institutions and nonprofits; consultants; entrepreneurs; and experts in everything from materials engineering to synthetic biology.

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