What Makes Silk, Silk? Report

Material Innovation Initiative issued a report examining the unique properties of silk and exploring next-generation silk alternatives that are less harmful to both animals and the environment. The report’s author, MII’s Chief Scientific Officer Sydney Gladman, Ph.D., carefully considers the qualities of silk most important to fashion designers and expertly makes the latest material science accessible. This Silk Report is a one-of-a-kind resource for scientists, textile suppliers and material innovators.

Mycelium Leather Technology Assessment

You know that mushrooms have been a food source for centuries. These days, their use in building materials and as packaging is replacing plastics in a sustainable way. MII is particularly excited about growing mycelium as animal-free leather. For this technology assessment, we went underground for the real story of how the roots of mushrooms can change the way leather is made. 

Mycelium Leather Production Process.png