NUVI Releaf
Chief Operating Officer

From an early age, Christophe's convictions have been deeply influenced by yoga - a philosophy which values all living things. While based in Thailand and upon meeting Nina Rössler, they began to work with local artisans in the hope of transforming the region’s abundant teak leaves into a next-gen leather alternative - culminating in a successful yoga accessory Kickstarter campaign. As it turned out, Thai teak leaves couldn’t offer the level of sustainability required, so NUVI began developing their own processes in Germany with EU-sourced raw materials.

Christophe's entrepreneurial nature, fluid interpersonal skills and fervent dedication to NUVI has recently brought him to the helm of the company. From customer relations and business development to operations and fixing the coffee machine, the job has currently got him wearing many hats.. and he wouldn't have it any other way!