KD New York
Creative Director

David Lee is the Founder and Creative Director of KD Knit Corporation. David is a former principal dancer with the Oakland Ballet Company and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. He founded KD Dance with fellow dancer Tricia Kaye in 1980 after the creation of a singular knit tight led to a collection of sophisticated dancewear not yet seen in the market made primarily from natural and plant based fibers.

As a vegetarian most of his life, David began to bring the same plant based mindset to the development of plant based alternatives to animal fibers. It also became obvious that with the explosive growth of animal fibers, particularly in the cashmere market, that it was on an unsustainable path. In 2011 he began to explore plant based alternatives to the luxury fiber cashmere. Initial research and development led to Soy fiber as a base fiber most likely to exhibit the characteristics of cashmere namely hand feel and appearance.

David studied knitting technology at Stoll in Germany and Shima Seiki in Japan and graduated from the American University in Washington, DC.

He is a resident of Harlem, New York City.