Gözen Akın

Gozen Institute - SILVER PARTNER
Founder & Ceo of Gozen Institute

Award–winning designer Ece Gözen began her career in fashion and textile industry. She has always used fashion as a tool for 12 years to show the bond between nature and human. Her futuristic vision and approach to blending nature, art, science and technology with innovative ideas has also been appreciated and rewarded by the global fashion community. Realizing that fashion can have a meaningful future only if it is sustainable, after experiencing every aspect of the fashion and textile industry, Ece Gözen, has created a new sustainable model by focusing on biotechnology, design and art to combat the pollution in the world created by the fashion and textile industry and founded Gozen Institute. Through the achievements of her company as a biomaterial inventor, biodesigner and multidisiplinary artist Ece Gözen won many awards such as Elle Style Awards - Sustainable Fashion Award, TOYP Environmental Protection and Moral Leadership Award, Kagider Green Business Award and became Nike's Sustainability Brand Ambassador. With her invention sustainable leather alternative Xylozen, she has been named one of the Hello Tomorrow Deeo Tech Piooner of 2021. Ceo of Gozen Institute since 2020.