Ananas Anam

Melanie Broyé-Engelkes, CEO of Ananas Anam, leads teams across the UK, Spain and the Philippines uniting them together through a shared vision of a more sustainable future, connecting people, ecology and economics.

Following a 10-year global corporate career at Guerlain (LVMH) in Marketing and International Business Development, Melanie has since founded and led several start-ups and SME’s over the last eight years: including founding a recipe-kit start-up, leading a textile design company back to profitable growth and launching a whisky brand from scratch.

This entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping start-ups and SME’s scale and succeed, naturally led to joining Ananas Anam as CEO where she is committed to continuing to scale the business responsibly driving research and innovation, a circular economy, and empowering and supporting people and communities; offering a better choice for a better future.